Monday, August 30, 2010

America needs our big brain and powerful voice more than ever.

True stories that will be kept from you today in Mainstream media coverage and congress:

NOLA Levee failure during Katrina was an engineering design and construction failure. The levee failure (not the Katrina storm) was a man made disaster, made by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Many scientists and activists tried to warn us of the failure of planning and levee design many years before Katrina hit NOLA. There is a documentary film released years before the storm, shown only on PBS that described in detail why the levee system was doomed to fail and pleaded for action. It was ignored by our government and mainstream media.

During the post storm aftermath, widespread discrimination and bad behavior on the part of law enforcement and some US Military factions took place. Flood victims trying to survive on whatever they could find (since no help was arriving) were held at gunpoint, shot at, beaten, and even worse.

There is mounting evidence that the storm surge never topped the levees. The levees, due to their inadequate construction, were simply pushed aside allowing the storm surge full access to a city whose elevation is below sea level.

The suicide rate for US Military soldiers has passed the civilian suicide rate and is climbing rapidly. We are not supporting these heroes enough. They see all the bullcrap in the media, congress, and on the streets of our country, and they ask themselves “why am I going through HELL for my country and these people who are so easily swayed by lies and misinformation (media) and who obviously do not care what the brave young heroes (and their friends and families) of this country are suffering. Many of us do care and are showing support, but the media and congress rarely focus on these true American Heroes.

PBS has launched two or more completely new channels in my local area that are designed to teach and show us how to survive in these jobless times, and to educate us to the truth that is being kept from us. We need this knowledge now. I heard a rumor this morning that Time Warner Cable is considering pulling PBS from their lineup. If true, this will be the ultimate censorship and true crime for Americans and the world who need this information now more than ever. Why is mainstream media hiding so much from us? They are censoring our news daily. Important news gets 10 seconds, celebrity gossip gets 10 minutes air time. News designed to get us enraged, fighting, drinking, gossiping on our cell phones, and consuming more crap are prevalent. These wedge and distraction issues fill the news broadcasts country wide, while the rogue corporate takeover of our government and media kicks into high gear.

American farmers are discriminated against each and every day here. Urban farms, given to communities by their city governments, are being taken back or destroyed by private interests. The American family, farmer, and all the values of the past that we held so dear are under constant attack by the media and our leaders. It is time to stand and fight for the old ways and the old ideas that all men and women are created equal and should not be subservient to some nameless, faceless corporations whose goal is greed and world domination. Minority discrimination and financial discrimination runs rampant in every corner of America while we fight over non-issues.

Drug violence in Mexico is clearly a result of America’s failure to evaluate and change our approach to America’s increasing drug abuse problem. The ‘War on Drugs’ is a miserable failure because it is punishment based, not treatment based. Will we ever ask ourselves why our own people are so troubled in their everyday lives that we all need to escape the madness with drugs and alcohol? Why are some American people so clueless that they will sell drugs and alcohol to young children? Why are the parents of these children afraid to seek real help for these kids? Could it be that the real solution, treatment and discussion of the root problems, is ignored? Punishment cures few of our problems, it just puts all the damaged people in institutions that don’t know how to help them. Where are the solutions to these problems? Mainstream media won’t touch this problem mainly because they make more money when we have that ‘empty hole’ in our soul and are constantly trying to fill it with cell phones and STUFF THEY ADVERTISE!

Texas businesses, lawmakers, and regulators are allowing massive amounts of pollution to be emitted into American air, water, and ground, with very little news coverage.

BP’s Other Disaster, cancer causing gasses were allowed to spew from BP’s Texas City Refinery for more than 40 days this April

Nuclear Waste Dump on poorly regulated Texas ground. Search Texas environmental issues for more appalling news.

Rampant homelessness and tent cities springing up nationwide include innocent victims of the recent criminal behavior of big businesses. Media and half of Congress think we should stop helping our neighbors whose lives have been destroyed by the rampant greed.

These homeless and destitute people are Veterans, children, and many innocent or uneducated people who did not see this disaster coming and do not know how to pull themselves and their families out of the despair and confusion. PBS wants to educate us all, but mainstream media does not support this type of public education. Ask yourself why they are trying to keep us in the dark. New PBS channels are not carried on Dish or Cable networks even though these PBS channels have been on the air for months now.

Ignoring the root problems and valid solutions to all these problems we face just makes more problems and more fighting here and abroad. Countless lives hinge on US FIXING OUR GOVERNMENT. Educate yourself before fighting about any distractions and concentrate on the REAL PROBLEMS that grip America and Earth. Complain and/or offer solutions to the power hungry media and our confused leaders daily. Get involved and get your friends and family involved. Things will only get worse if we don’t get to heart of our problems and work them out. C’mon, America, WE CAN FIX THIS NOW. Do your homework, I’m doing mine and getting hoarse talking about it. AMERICA NEEDS OUR BIG BRAIN AND OUR POWERFUL, EDUCATED, VOICE RIGHT NOW!! Our brain is like our democracy and our muscle, we use it or we lose it.

Big business can now donate freely to politicians without having to hide behind PAC’s and Lobbyists. The GREED floodgates are open and the filthy little green pieces of paper are flowing like we’ve never seen. How do all these corporations have so much money to throw at politicians anyway? Why are they not reinvesting in the American people? Why are they sitting on Billions of Dollars when America is in such need? I will not sit idly by when my country I love so dearly needs my help more than ever.

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